Monday, July 30, 2012

My Birthday fun!

Hey friends!

I had a wonderful birthday. The celebration went on for days! My cube-mates had decorated my desk with flowers and balloons...

and had left me a birthday button to wear---and of course, I did wear it!

But then had a brain cramp when someone unexpectedly wished me a happy birthday, wondering how they knew! We had ice cream and cake, too!!

But wait there is more...when I arrived home my sweetheart gave me roses and more balloons!

I had planned a stamping evening on my birthday because stamping is my favorite thing to do. Here's the Make & Takes I prepared....
there's a cookie in there, wrapped up tight

Now you can check out the cookie I stamped with the Sweet Pressed Cookie stamp--love it!

Easy Events tag

Easy Events birthday card and notched envelope

Christmas card (more about this card in a later post)

Reason to Smile card

My oldest came to stamp, too---an extra special treat for me!

My sweetheart treated my stampers and me to a Carvel ice cream cake--yummy!!

But the celebration didn't end there....the next day my little daughter painted and decorated my toes before my sweetheart took us to lunch. Awesome cream of crab soup and crab cakes!

Pink and purple toe nails with sparklies
The celebration wasn't over since I had dinner the next week with my best girlfriends. I feel so spoiled!! I captured the event with a few photos...
Moulin de Paris menu
glass wall art at the restaurant
Barb's drink
My dinner -- house curry was super yummy!

chocolate cake with raspberry cream for my dessert---with a candle!

The owner gave me a cookie--a pink flamingo! Super Cool!!

birthday present---for me!!!
I even got a hand stamped card!

another present just for me!

Birthdays are fun!!!


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