Friday, August 3, 2012

A Bestie birthday celebration---I am spoiled!

Hey friends!

My birthday celebration wasn't quite over! I had dinner tonight with my bestest friend. We have been friends since elementary school; our mothers introduced us on the playground on what I think was the first day of 3rd grade.

So another birthday celebration, another great meal, and MORE presents...check it out!

I had chicken chesapeake--I'd recommend it!
Jackie had a mango-something margarita

more presents---this one had a cool cup.....

A special drinking cup---a solo cup with a candlestick base
and even more presents!
key lime pie for dessert---with a candle!

 OK, enough about what seems to be my endless birthday celebrations!

I hope everyone has a bestest friend to celebrate their birthday with. I'd love to know how you met your bestie! Please leave me a comment with the story. Thanks for sharing!


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