Thursday, December 22, 2011

Busy stamper--that's me!

Hi stamping friends!

I've been stamping up a storm to give hand-stamped cards and cookies to friends and family.

I made sets of 5 cards to give to 11 of my sorority sisters (Beta Sigma Phi's rock!). Each set had a birthday, Valentine, Easter, Halloween, and Christmas cards with matching envelopes. I love matching envelopes!! Check the cards out...what do you think?


Halloween card and envie
birthday cards

card stack sets

Christmas card

Easter card and envie

And stamped cookies...using Stampin Up's Sweet Pressed cookie stamp I stamped on shortbread and sugar cookies (used the recipe that came with the set). They are decorated with silver and gold dragees and edible sugar. I gave these cookies as gifts and the recipients were impressed!

sweet pressed cookie stamp set

stamped cookie

decorated cookies

Stamping is fun!

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